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We prepare polymers that are transformed, through a central dehumidification unit with four separate greenhouses.Then they are pneumatically distributed to every machine.

With these means we can assume that the polymers are processed under optimal conditions – crystal pieces are effectively transparent.

We control the mould temperature according to the part’s needs.

The machines Ferromatik (…) NCIII are the core of the productive cell, which also includes a CNC handler and an operated conveyor operated and control of hot runner temperature independent with 8 heating zones.

The company’s building is new and is designed for this purpose: it has a technical trackwhere all the fluids we use circulate – dehumidified raw material, water, compressed air, electricity and low voltage electrical signal.

In addiction to injection, we design and manufacture moulds. This service follows these 5 steps:

1 Conception/Design
2 Construction
3 Aproval
4 Pre-Series Aproval
5 Manufacturing

Similarly, we develop components for the client, depending on their needs. Then, we build the mold and manufacture the parts.

We have proven experience in manufacturing:

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