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The Pinheiro de Lacerda Lda was incorporated in January 2003. It registered the Injex trade mark, which is used for easier recognition in the market. The prosecutors and an important part of the staff had already worked with similar technology in other companies, such as large multinationals.


The Pinheiro de Lacerda Lda is a Portuguese industrial company engaged in the manufacture of technical components in plastic, which are intended to be incorporated in machines.

Some current clients - Leica Camera, Leica Microsystems, Doureca, trust Pinheiro de Lacerda Lda since the very first moment. Over time, the weight of the automobile branch and of exportations has increased in billing. We lived lived extended periods of continuous working.

Cultivating harmony with customers, it has been possible to increase the occupation of the machine park, profitability and enjoyment at work. The production equipment acquired is high technological level. The human resources are young and have both academic education and inside training.

As a corollary to this evolutionary process, the Pinheiro de Lacerda Lda has picked up products in development - before they begin their profitable life cycle. These young products will certainly bring progress and stability to the company.


The large machine builders turn to companies that specialize in very specific areas of technology, so they can concentrate on designing and building equipment.

In this context, the mission of the Pinheiro de Lacerda Ltd, a small specialist company, is to master our technology area, with autonomy in order to collaborate with those manufacturers to produce components made of plastics, needed for incorporation into their assembly line.

The Pinheiro de Lacerda Lda team believes that this mission has to done every day, in a long term basis

Strategic Vision

The Pinheiro de Lacerda Lda plans to further develop human and technical resources necessary to satisfy those very demanding customers.

Following this route, Pinheiro de Lacerda Lda seeks to increase the differentiation over competitors, asserting itself as the choicefor for people who decide to use external specialized companies, within the big machine manufacturers, national and international.

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