INJEX INNOVATION at the service of companies

In 2018, the Product Research and Development Office named INJEX INNOVATION was created. It works in permanent contact with clients, creating new solutions for their parts. This way, INJEX carries out of the tool and product studies, using in particular, 3D simulation to present to the client the design of the desired part more quickly.

The INJEX Research and Development Office for new products and solutions has strengthened the relationship with the clients, reinforcing the trust, confidentiality and responsibility of the stakeholders.

Rheological Studies

Rheology is the key to understanding the behavior of materials (deformation or flow), and this is particularly important in the area of polymers, as it’s closely linked to the flow properties of polymers in transformation processes by injection, etc.

Rheology allows:

1 - Understand the general behavior, give phenomenological explanations during the flow and obtain information about the effect of various factors that influence polymer processing;

Rheology allows:

2 - Predict properties through practical calculations;

Rheology allows:

3 - Understand processing errors and rheological defects and select better the most appropriate polymer or compound;

Rheology Allows:

4- Analyze the qualitative and quantitative relationship between the final product and the energy consumed and also fix dimensions in the processing machine, predicting material properties and determining variables such as pressure and temperature.

tablet device

Feed Channel Immediate Recycling System

The investment in the incorporation of an Immediate Recycling System of the Feeding Channel brings numerous advantages, among which the saving of material, the reduction of movements and time spent by operators, as well as, a better cleanliness. The feed channel after entering the mill via the setting hand is automatically incorporated into the processing in the selected proportion.