INJEX, from Portugal to the World

We are a company specialized in the production of technical plastic components through the injection process for all types of machines.

Founded in 2003, in Vila Nova de Famalicão, an industrial city in the North of Portugal, INJEX has a prominent presence in the automotive industry. Annually producing millions of parts for brands such as Peugeot, Alfa Romeo, Jaguar, Volkswagen, Renault, Audi, Mercedes Benz, among others.



INJEX receives international certification in accordance with the IATF:16949 standard, which allows the entry into the regular supplier lists of car manufacturers.


Individual Protection Glasses Certification

The FINAS – Finnish Accreditation Service, headquartered in Finland, accredits INJEX for the production and marketing in the European space of individual protection glasses of the Looksafety brand with the ISO/IEC 170/65 standard.


Covid-19 Protected

INJEX receives the Covid-19 Protected certificate from the Quality Evaluation Center.


Factory Expansion

Expansion, in about a third, of the INJEX productive area, in Vila Nova de Famalicão.


Growth in the Pandemic

In 2020, despite the constraints caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, INJEX recorded a turnover of 1.4 million euros, which represents a growth of 15% compared to 2019.


Injex France

Entry into the French market with the creation of INJEX France. An important milestone in the internationalization process.


Growing Sustainably

Growing in a sustained way, INJEX promotes a posture of constant openness to the manufacture of new products, the creation of new partnerships and the conquest of new international markets.


ISO: 9001

With the ISO:9001 industrial standard, the commercial relationship with the automotive industry becomes more intense. Some brands like Alfa Romeo, Jaguar, Volkswagen, Audi and Mercedes Benz started to incorporate INJEX products.


Automotive Industry

Entry into the automotive market producing plastic parts for Renault, Peugeot and Citröen.


Injected Plastic Specialists

Over time, INJEX specializes in the production of technical plastic components by the injection process for all types of machines.


Injex Start

INJEX started it's activity on 28th of January 2003, in Vila Nova de Famalicão, an industrial city in the North of Portugal, manufacturing technical parts by transforming technopolymers.


Presença no
mercado francês

A INJEX FRANCE é uma equipa de prospeção de novos clientes no mercado francês. A atividade foi iniciada durante o ano de 2020, o que representou um marco importante no processo de internacionalização da INJEX.


José Duarte Pinheiro de Lacerda

José Duarte Pinheiro de Lacerda, mechanical engineer graduated at the College of Engineering of the University of Porto, is the founder and CEO of INJEX.

The history of INJEX began on January 28, 2003, the day that José Duarte Pinheiro de Lacerda and Maria Manuel da Silva Brito Lacerda signed the constitution of the family society.

Thus, the professional dream of José Duarte Pinheiro de Lacerda, who had added to his academic curriculum a postgraduate degree in Polymer Engineering at the University of Minho, was fulfilled.

Previously, José Duarte Pinheiro da Lacerda had worked for companies such as Camac, in Santo Tirso, Boa Reguladora, from Vila Nova de Famalicão, and Preh, at Trofa. In the latter, he was responsible for the production of components, which included the transformation of plastics and metals.

Son of two graduates from the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Porto, his father, born in Vila Nova de Famalicão, and his mother, from the village of Vidago, José Duarte was born on May 6, 1962 and lived his childhood in Rebordões, Santo Tirso, and youth in Vila Nova de Famalicão, where is currently living.

He always dreamed of being a car driver, photographer or mechanical engineer. He became a mechanical engineer and he kept photography as a hobby and automobiles as a great passion.

The entrepreneurial spirit of José Duarte Pinheiro de Lacerda was particularly notorious when he included the creation of a company in his goal’s list.

Almost two decades after the creation of INJEX, the founder’s strategic objective is worked out every day by a team made up of more than 30 employees, whose main lines are technological innovation and internationalization.


INJEX’s mission is to master it’s technological area, with autonomy, aiming to collaborate with manufacturers in the production of components made of technical plastics, necessary for incorporation in it’s assembly line.


INJEX intends to continue to develop the human and technical resources necessary for customer satisfaction. It seeks to increase differentiation in relation to competitors, asserting itself as the right option for those who decide to use external specialized companies, within the large national and international machine manufacturers.