Traineeships 2024

Traineeships 2024

At the beginning of 2024, INJEX welcomed three interns to its facilities.

Carlos, in the white t-shirt in the photo, is in his third year of a degree in Materials Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto and is working with us on his project entitled “Integrated Recycling in Injection Moulding Cells”.

Through the Erasmus+ programme, we also welcomed Thomas and Devaux, both wearing the black t-shirts in the photo, from the Lycée Jean Macé, located in Chauny, in the north of France, where they are studying “Plastic & Composite Materials”.

We hope to make a positive contribution to their professional development.

Marta Salgado (Injex) ; Estagiário Devaux; Estagiário Thomas; Estagiário Carlos e António Sá (Injex)