Tiago Gomes: “It’s good to work at INJEX”

Tiago Gomes: “It’s good to work at INJEX”

Tiago Gomes, 29 years old, a maintenance technician specializing in mold machine tuning, gets up every day with the energy to go to work.

“It’s good to work at INJEX”, he says. And he explains why: “We are a young and small team. This allows everyone to get to know each other. Everyone knows each other in the company and that reinforces the group spirit.”

Born and resident in Calendar, where he was born on May 13, 1992, close to the current Academia do Futebol Clube de Famalicão, Tiago Emanuel Martins Gomes is already one of the longest-serving employees.
He has been with INJEX since April 2010, starting as a machine operator. A task that puts you in front of a machine to monitor the quality of repair parts.

He had just turned 18 years old and had just interrupted his 11th year of schooling at Escola Secundária D. Sancho I, in Vila Nova de Famalicão, where he was studying electronics. “At the time, I had the idea of ​​going back to school, studying at night and working during the day, but I ended up not going back.”

Tiago Gomes, who, until now, doesn’t miss a more complete academic training, adding that he has been filling it “with several supply actions by INJEX”.

In addition, he values ​​his own training, searching the Internet for the latest news about his activity. “I follow several pages about the type of work that I do, because I like to see new things. In this way looking for the new that can be to know more explains in INJEX, seeing the new things that can know more.”

Entering the company where he has worked for 11 years was very curious. “I stopped by, in the industrial area of ​​Vilarinho das Cambas, saw the advertisement on the door of INJEX and decided to go to the company to ask for a job. I was interviewed by engineer Pinheiro de Lacerda and was admitted”, recalls Tiago Gomes.

The early machine operator gave way to a maintenance technician specializing in machine tuning. Basically, the good functioning of the company’s productive sector depends on work.

“Everything I learned here. And been years of constant evolution in the company have. I was a machine operator, I was a shift manager, I was a ‘team leader’ and now I’m in the machine and mold tuning sector”, explains Tiago Gomes, remembering that “every day there are parts, machines and processes to tune.”

Looking back, he think that made the right decision when he decided to knock on INJEX’s door to apply for a job. “When I arrived I didn’t even know what an injection machine was. Today I know what an injection machine is and I know how to tune parts. It was a great evolution!”

Outside the company, he enjoys being with friends and playing football. He suffers for FC Famalicão and Benfica, but in a match between the two clubs he has no doubts: “I always want FC Famalicão win.”
But the best came home two years ago to change their free time forever.“I was a father and I love spending time with my daughter Benedita.”