Mónica Campos: “It was worth switching classrooms for INJEX”

Mónica Campos: “It was worth switching classrooms for INJEX”

Born and resident in the municipality of Trofa, Mónica Campos has been working at INJEX since January 2015. At that time, INJEX was looking for someone for quality control and Mónica, even without experience in the industrial sector, wasn’t afraid to try something completely different from what she was used to doing, responded to a job advertisement.

With a degree in Geography from the University of Porto, Mónica was teaching and soon realized that “that wasn’t what she wanted to do”. “I wanted to try something else, something more practical, and that’s how I moved from education to industry”, recalls the former geography teacher, who ran a study center at Trofa, before joining INJEX.

In the INJEX quality control sector, Mónica was only a few days. That was the time it took for the possibility of moving to the planning and purchasing sector, an area in which she works to this day, to emerge.

“Working in planning means planning the functions that the machines will perform, as well as the respective molds, and the people who will operate each machine”, explains Mónica Campos, who is also responsible for managing “the orders that arrive from clients”, from order reception, to production and shipping.

Thus, it’s Mónica Campos who defines the delivery period, depending on the production capacity. “I have to give the production and delivery deadlines to the clients according to the machines available”, explains the person responsible for planning at INJEX.

Interestingly, since 2015, Mónica Campos has watched the process of digital transition of the production planning process. Paper was replaced by a document management system where everything is recorded.

“It was worth switching classrooms for INJEX. It was a change that worked. I really like planning and I like working here”, says Mónica Campos, who also highlights the fact that everyone knows each other in the company. “This makes everyone know each other and helps to create a team spirit that is good for the company”, she says.

Outside the professional environment, Mónica Campos likes to recharge her batteries by reading, exercising and traveling.