Luana Silva: “INJEX has a good working environment”

Luana Silva: “INJEX has a good working environment”

Luana Isabel Castro Silva, 20 years old, has been working at INJEX since 2020. After having attended a technical course in polymer transformation, at the Forave Professional School, in Lousado, Vila Nova de Famalicão, Luana did a professional internship at the company, was invited to stay and accepted.
Luana Silva lives in the city of Vila Nova de Famalicão, having spent her childhood in the parish of Vilarinho das Cambas. She studied at Escola Básica 2.3 in Ribeirão and completed her 12th grade with a technical course in polymer transformation.
At Forave, Luana Silva became a professional capable of guiding and developing activities related to the production processes used in the transformation of polymers, operating, regulating and controlling the operation of equipment intended for the modeling of plastic parts. Skills she develops at INJEX.

“I chose my future when I was 15 or 16. At the time, the polymer transformation course was what I was most interested in. I even tried a tourism course in Porto, which I attended, but I gave up and returned to Forave”, recalls Luana, not regretting the choice made.

After completing the 12th year of schooling, she joined INJEX to do her professional internship within the scope of the collaboration protocol between the company and the vocational school. The internship, which lasted three months, was a kind of intensive practical course that she carried out with distinction. That’s why she stayed at INJEX, where she is currently an injection machine operator. But she also controls the quality of the parts and packs them.

“I never thought of working in an industry, but I tried it, I stayed and I’m enjoying it. INJEX has a good working environment”, says Luana Silva, who works the night shift, between 22:00 and 6:00, by choice. “I never liked waking up early in the morning. It doesn’t work for me…”, she justifies.

While most people get out of bed and leave the house to start a new day at work, Luana does the opposite, usually sleeping until around 3 pm. It is only after that time that she can go for a walk in Vila Nova de Famalicão City Park, where she “often rides a bicycle”.