INJEX grows in the pandemic and bets on the French market

INJEX grows in the pandemic and bets on the French market

INJEX became a member of the Luso-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry, taking another step in the internationalization process, betting on the French market.

In 2019, Injex France was created to conduct research and attract customers in the French market. “It is a team that prospects for new customers in France”, explains José Duarte Pinheiro de Lacerda, founder and CEO of INJEX.

Pinheiro de Lacerda adds that the industrial company he founded in 2003, in Vila Nova de Famalicão, is experiencing “a particularly inspiring and challenging moment”, noting that, “in addition to entering France, a similar process is underway in the German market. ”.

The activity in France represents “an important milestone in the internationalization process of INJEX”, a company with 35 employees, which went through the pandemic, seeing its turnover grow. In 2020, the turnover registered a growth of 15% compared to 2019.

“The obstacles created by the covid-19 pandemic turned into opportunities and put our resilience to the test, demonstrating that the company is prepared to respond to all challenges”, considers José Duarte Pinheiro de Lacerda.

With entries in the Portuguese-French and Luso-German chambers of commerce and industry, information platforms and support for the internationalization of Portuguese companies in France and Germany, INJEX’s “strategic objective” is to enhance contacts with new customers “in two of the main European markets in the automotive and aeronautics industry”, as the company’s founder and CEO underlines.