INJEX expands production facilities

INJEX expands production facilities

INJEX expanded it’s production facilities in the Industrial Park of Vilarinho das Cambas, in the municipality of Vila Nova de Famalicão, by 25%.

The production facilities of INJEX, which until now occupied an area of ​​470 square meters, increased by 100 square meters, leaving the factory area with 570 square meters. The investment was 50 thousand euros.

In addition to the production space, INJEX has a logistics area, which occupies a warehouse measuring 730 square meters, located 50 meters from the factory, a space that houses raw materials and finished products. In total, the company now occupies an area of ​​1300 square meters.

We had a street available and we decided to take another small step in a property owned by INJEX“, explains José Duarte Pinheiro de Lacerda, founder and CEO of INJEX, who considers the increase in facilities “won’t change the life of the company“, even because it was already planned for some time, “but it will give a good help”, depending on the immediate needs.

I’m a fan of small steps, continuous improvement. We managed to increase the area of ​​the factory without having the costs inherent to a change”, explains Pinheiro de Lacerda, pointing out as a “future strategy” the company’s growth, through the diversification of products and services with added value for customers.

If we continue to grow as we have been growing, we will still need more space”, points out the CEO of INJEX, a company he founded on January 28, 2003. And Pinheiro de Lacerda adds: “The life of companies is dynamic, so it is not we have abandoned the possibility of building new facilities, in case a good business opportunity arises.”