António Sá, the head of production who worked his way up at INJEX

António Sá, the head of production who worked his way up at INJEX

“When I arrived at INJEX I didn’t know how to inject a part, I didn’t know anything. If we’re limited to the routine job of putting a part into a box, we’ve been doing it our whole lives. But if they encourage us to do more, if they challenge us to understand how a part is made, as happens here at INJEX, we get excited and we keep evolving and learning.”

António Sá joined INJEX in 2010 and remains delighted with the decision that then changed his professional life.

He worked at nearby Leica – the German company of the mythical cameras – but felt the need for “a new professional challenge”. It was for this purpose that he knocked on the door of INJEX to present a spontaneous candidacy.

Born and resident in the municipality of Vila Nova de Famalicão, António Sá was born on November 13, 1985. He attended the Outeiro Basic School, in the parish of Antas, and studied until the 12th year of schooling, having graduated in Electrical Installations in a technical-professional course at Escola Profissional Cior. He lives in the parish of Lousado.

In 2010 he was a precarious worker and was looking for “a job” with more stability and security. “I was very well received at INJEX. I started at the bottom, as a machine operator, then I took advantage of the various opportunities that emerged, namely in terms of professional training”, he informs, as if he is telling a happy story.

The commitment to training its employees is one of the concerns of INJEX’s management, within the scope of a human resources policy that prioritizes the evolution of employees, using external services only as a last resort.

For this reason, António Sá learned to change molds and tune machines, became responsible for the shift and became the “team leader”, in other words, head of the three shifts. He is currently head of production – a role he performs in close collaboration with the quality department.

“This evolution came about making the most of the opportunities that arose, seeking to learn and always improve. I have evolved together with the company, which is stimulating”, explains António Sá, who in the last 12 years has seen the continuous growth of the machine park and structure.

“The atmosphere at INJEX is good. It’s familiar, which is hard to find in larger companies. Greater proximity between everyone makes the atmosphere more welcoming”, considers António Sá, explaining: “I’m not saying that we are all friends, but we are all good co-workers, we all work in harmony and that makes a stronger and more cohesive team.”

Son of a couple of factory workers, António Sá practiced karate with the master Alexandre Carvalho, loves “playing football with his friends” and passionately follows the career of Futebol Clube de Famalicão in the 1st Portuguese League.

“SAD should be more cautious in buying and selling players so that the team has more stability”, recommends the famalicense fan, who would like to one day see the city club in a European competition.