INJEX produces the first Portuguese brand of individual protect glasses

INJEX produces the first Portuguese brand of individual protect glasses

Looksafety – which means “look safely” – is the registered brand that designates the new Portuguese product born in Vila Nova de Famalicão and driven by the need to protect many professionals from different sectors of activity from the covid-19 pandemic.

The new individual protect glasses, which are distinguished by several particularities, one of which being the fact that they allow the simultaneous use of reading glasses, have as their target audience, in particular, workers in the health and civil protection sector – hospitals, firefighters, laboratories, human resources from homes, municipalities, etc. – but also workers,whose work involves effective and safe eye protection.

Looksafety glasses are completely Portuguese and the project was built from scratch, listening to those who most needed them, and therefore, from the format, to the design, raw material used, allowing reuse, comfort, everything was perfected taking into account the “feedback” from those who depend on these personal protective equipment every day.

Individual protect glasses for professionals – whose production, until now, was almost exclusively Asian – are an increasingly necessary product in many companies and in health and civil protection services.

The new product is the result of a partnership between INJEX and 4Valve, a company headquartered in the city of Maia.

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